The Author

I was lucky enough to grow up in Alaska. My family moved here when I was six, and we fell in love with the place. I’ve called Alaska home ever since. You’ll know why Alaska is so close to my heart as you see the beauty and meet Alaskans of past and present.

Throughout my life, I’ve felt the power of words. I taught English for 20 years, and I’m now able to spend more time on my writing, including the novels in my young adult historical romance series. My first series is set in the Alaska Gold Rush, a great time for drama, romance, and independent characters who made their own way in the world.

When not writing, I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and participating in Cowboy Action Shooting with the Alaska 49ers. I also belong to several historical and writers’ groups.


#FellowshipofWords by Lynn Lovegreen

As my regular readers know, for my #FellowshipofWords this year, I have been highlighting ways we can connect with each other through words and books. (See more on the first #FellowshipofWords post at .) Joseph Janes’ column in this month’s American Libraries magazine is a good example.

American Libraries is the magazine for the ALA (American Library Association, Twitter feed  ) and their use of the hashtag #WordsMatter.

I went online and read some of the tweets from Merriam Webster. They are often playful but also precise definitions that enlighten readers. Sometimes the image or timing of posts about words in the news adds commentary to what is going on in our world.

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