Author Events

Playing with Description

2-5 pm on March 11 at the Alaska Humanities Forum

Good writers use description to set scenes, reveal character, produce images, and establish voice. We’ve all read great lines or sentences that describe perfectly, or winced when a writer does too much or not enough. How do we do utilize the power of description most effectively? Together, we’ll explore the art of description through reading and discussion of examples, in-class writing exercises, and consideration of specific audiences, genres, and styles. This no-homework, one-time class will equip and inspire you to enliven your own writing with crisp, impactful descriptions. offered through 49 Writers

Teen Book Club: Teen Random Reads

3-4 pm on April 15, Loussac Library in Anchorage

Join us for the next session of our new teen book club!

I READ WHAT I WANT! Are you a teen that LOVES to read, but hates being told what to read? Then this is the group for you. Drop in, share what you’re reading, what you want to read, get some reading suggestions.

Saturday, April 15th 3p-4p

Teen UndergroundLoussac, Level 3




Please contact me at LYNNLOVEGREEN@GMAIL.COM if you’d like me to visit your bookstore, library, etc.