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    Romantic Germany


    I recently returned from Germany. While there are many interesting aspects of the country, I was struck by how romantic it was.  First, there was the Café Romantic across the street from a bookstore in Heidelberg–what a great combination! We also saw the lovely Neuschwanstein castle, the charming town of Heidelberg at sunset, and many other sights. While they were beautiful, they also reminded me of the other kind of Romance: the idealization of nature and passion in literature and art. No wonder Germany had so many Romantic composers and writers in the 1700s and 1800s. They had plenty of…

  • Lynn at 2013 GreatAlaskaBookFair

    My Writing Dream Come True

    My Writing Dream Come True I’ve been lucky enough to have many writing dreams come true. When I first started writing, my dream was to finish a book. Once I did that, thanks to NaNoWriMo (https://nanowrimo.org), then my dream was…

  • Lake Hood 3

    Lake Hood, Alaskan Seaplane Base

    Lake Hood in Anchorage, Alaska is the “world’s largest seaplane base.” It began its days as the Lake Spenard float plane base in 1934, and in 1938 a channel was cut between that lake and nearby Lake Hood to create…

  • Harriman Fjord, Prince William Sound 2

    The Harriman Expedition of 1899

    Edward Harriman was a railroad magnate and type-A personality. When his physician suggested he take a vacation, rather than relax in the Caribbean or tour Europe, he pulled together a group of the finest scientists and artists of that generation…

  • thinking by Stencil

    #Let’sThinkAbout Media and the Press

    As you may know, this year I’m encouraging folks to think about critical thinking. (See more at http://lynnlovegreen.com/letsthinkabout-critical-thinking/.) When we read or view stories online, we might assume that they are accurate. This may or may not be true, and…

  • The Long Room 1

    Literary Ireland

    One more observation from my trip to Ireland before I go back to my regular programming on this blog: Ireland is full of literary attractions. My favorite places in Dublin are in or near Trinity College. The Book of Kells…