Posted on March 23, 2018

Break Up: a Beautiful and Ugly Time in Alaska

We’re having break up (also spelled breakup or break-up) right now. That is the time of year when all the snow and ice melts–sometimes over a period of a few weeks, sometimes agonizingly slowly, depending on the temperatures and precipitation. It’s a good thing, especially for those Alaskans who are tired of winter. But it’s also an ugly time of year.

If you look down, all you see is partially melted snow, ice, and slush. Our cars get so dirty it can be difficult to see what the original color was, and we better wear ice grippers or cleats on our boots so we don’t fall on our cans. The roads are full of puddles and potholes. Breaking up is hard to do. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)




Break up 2

Break up 3





But the good news is, there’s often blue sky, and the daylight is getting longer. If you remember to look up, it’s a beautiful time of year. Happy break up!


Break up 5

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