Posted on September 15, 2017

#FellowshipofWords and #WordsMatter

As my regular readers know, for my #FellowshipofWords this year, I have been highlighting ways we can connect with each other through words and books. (See more on the first #FellowshipofWords post at Joseph Janes’ column in this month’s American Libraries magazine is a good example.

American Libraries is the magazine for the ALA (American Library Association, Twitter feed  @amlibraries). Janes’ column discusses how words matter and the need for librarians to take a stand to protect our library patrons’ intellectual freedom. He says this more brilliantly than I could, so please read his entire column at He mentions Merriam Webster’s Twitter feed (@MerriamWebster) and their use of the hashtag #WordsMatter.

I went online and read some of the tweets from Merriam Webster. They are often playful but also precise definitions that enlighten readers. Sometimes the image or timing of posts about words in the news adds commentary to what is going on in our world. Like Janes, I approve of this, and agree that sometimes it is necessary to engage with others by taking a stand in a civil, principled manner. Now I follow @MerriamWebster!

As I often say, we need to listen to each other. But we also need to speak at times, and it is essential that we use our words carefully.  Thanks to #WordsMatter, we have another way to make sure we do that.

Thank you, Mr. Janes and other librarians! And gracias, Merriam Webster!

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