Posted on May 18, 2018

#Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking and Libraries

As you may know, I’m pondering critical thinking this year. (See .)

There are lots of places we can go to learn how to hone our critical thinking skills. One of the best is at your local library. Here are a few examples of what librarians are doing online to help us learn about critical thinking:


The Albany Library website has a good page on how to identify fake news at


The Middletown Thrall Library website has lots of resources on critical thinking, with topics such as Fact Checkers and Fake News Alerts, Research Problems to Avoid: Useful Tips for Researchers, and Deceptive Digits: Examining Numbers and Statistics at


Royal Roads University Library has a Critical Thinking Guide, including resources to help analyze logic of articles and argumentation at


Thanks to all the librarians out there who are helping us look carefully at the world around us!

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