Posted on February 26, 2017

Welcome to Ketchikan, AK!

I’m in Ketchikan for the Alaska Library Association (AkLA) conference. It’s a great Southeast Alaskan town with its own culture and history. The Tongass and Cape Fox Tlingit people fished in this area for hundreds of years near the mouth of Ketchikan Creek, “kitschk-hin,”  meaning creek of the “thundering wings of an eagle.” Then a cannery was built here in 1886, bringing in European Americans, Filipino and Asian workers. By the turn of the century, Ketchikan was a growing town, and Creek Street was the red-light district.

Ketchikan 1 by Lynn LovegreenKetchikan 2 by Lynn Lovegreen







Fishing and fish processing, then logging, then tourism became the biggest industry here. Now, there’s a mix of all of the above plus medical and other employers, but the cruise ships rule Ketchikan in the summertime. The town is quiet during the winter, but still charming. Please enjoy my photos of Creek Street and downtown Ketchikan.

Ketchikan 6 by Lynn LovegreenKetchikan 7 by Lynn LovegreenKetchikan 5 by Lynn Lovegreen

Ketchikan 3 by Lynn LovegreenKetchikan 4 by Lynn Lovegreen

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