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    Writing Tips for Teens #3: Writing the First Draft

    Writing Tips For Teens #writingtipsforteens

    #writingtipsforteens This school year, I’m giving writing tips for teens each month. (See the first post at https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-1-guidelines-and-getting-started/.) Last month, we talked about the writer’s notebook and prewriting (https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-2-your-writers-notebook-and-prewriting). Today, we’ll look at the write step of the writing process, or writing first drafts. Once you’ve done your prewriting or planning, you’re ready for the first draft. Again, use whatever tools work for you, but I assume most of us write on a laptop or device. It’s a good idea to create a file and save it right away and every so often so you don’t lose it if your program…

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    Alaskan Women in Politics

    To celebrate a century of U. S. women’s suffrage on the eve of an election, here’s a reprise of an older post. Hope you all vote on (or before) November 3rd this year! Alaskan women have always been involved in…

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    Government Hill, Anchorage

    Government Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Anchorage, Alaska, probably named for all the government employees who lived there starting in 1915 with the early days of the Alaska Railroad. I was lucky enough to get a tour…

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    Fall Events for Readers and Writers

    It’s fall, a traditional time for book releases and author events. While things are a bit different this year, we’re still celebrating books as much as we can. Here are a few events I’ve been working on with writing groups.…

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    Stunning Dutch Harbor and Unalaska

    Since we’re not able to go far from home right now, it’s a good time to do some armchair travel. Here’s a previous post about my trip to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. You may recall I travelled to Dutch Harbor and Unalaska…

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    Alaska Railroad and Spencer Glacier

    We recently had the opportunity to ride the Alaska Railroad to the Spencer Glacier and back. The railroad limited the number of passengers, we all wore masks, and they did extra cleaning, so I felt pretty safe. And who can…