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    Happy Library Shelfie Day!

    image of book shelfie

    Library Shelfie Day is on the fourth Wednesday in January every year, this year Jan. 22nd. According to National Day Calendar (https://nationaldaycalendar.com/library-shelfie-day-january-29/), “The New York Public Library founded Library Shelfie Day as a way to observe various national holidays by displaying shelfies representing books from each day.” Library Shelf Day is a great day to post a shelfie, a photo of one shelf of your books. Some people arrange their books by color or other artistic way, some post their favorite books whatever works.   In my case, I picked a shelf in my house that shows some of my favorite…

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    2020: A Promising Year!

    A new year always gives me new hope, that this year will be better than the last. It often is. One reason is because I am older and more able to handle what comes next. And another is because life…

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    My Favorite YA Books in 2019

    I’m an eclectic reader. Throughout 2019, I read several nonfiction books, some adult fiction, a few children books, and a lot of YA (young adult books). That was the category I enjoyed the most, so that’s what I’ll focus on…

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    Winter Solstice

    Note: I’m running an encore blog post while I catch up with family and friends over the holidays. Earlier versions of this post appeared in the AKRWA blog and this blog.  To Alaskans, solstice is a big day. Our lives…