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    Writing Tips for Teens #7: Publishing

    Writing Tips For Teens #writingtipsforteens

    I’ve been posting writing tips for teens this school year. If you want to catch up on the other posts, here are the previous links for my #writingtipsforteens August https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-1-guidelines-and-getting-started/ September https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-2-your-writers-notebook-and-prewriting October https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-3-writing-the-first-draft/ November https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-4-responding-to-drafts/ December https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-5-revising-drafts/ January https://lynnlovegreen.com/writing-tips-for-teens-6-editing/ This month, we’re looking at the Publish step of the writing process.  So, let’s say you have taken a writing project through the writing process and gotten it just the way you want it. Before you do anything else: Kudos! Pat yourself on the back! Celebrate! That’s a great achievement! Now, you’re ready for the last step in the writing process: publishing. This will vary based…

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    Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures

    Note: Much of Fur Rondy is cancelled this year, but the snow sculpture competition will go on! Please enjoy this post from last year. As you may know, Fur Rendezvous (or Fur Rondy for short) is Anchorage, Alaska’s winter carnival.…

  • ravens in parking lot

    The Season of Raven Love

    Ravens are my favorite birds. I love how smart, savvy, and sassy they are. Plus, they’re survivors. They can be found in many different places around the world, including most of Alaska. I love their beautiful black feathers, their intelligence,…

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    Romance Time!

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a great time to read romance. To celebrate the holiday, here’s an excerpt from my novella Worth Her Weight in Gold, set in Juneau, territory of Alaska, in 1886. Ada sings with her…

  • Denali photo by Lynn Lovegreen

    Writing Distinctive Settings

    I tend to gravitate to novels with interesting settings. For example, I loved to read about China in 484 AD in Sherry Thomas’ The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan, Atlanta in 1890 in Stacey Lee’s The Downstairs Girl, and…

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    Getting the Real News

    To my conservative friends, I know we can agree that intimidation, harassment, vandalism, and violence are wrong. We don’t do those things in our everyday lives, and I doubt you’re going to start now. I know many of us agree…