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2020: A Promising Year!

A new year always gives me new hope, that this year will be better than the last. It often is. One reason is because I am older and more able to handle what comes next. And another is because life often gets better, whether personally or professionally. There’s always something to look forward to if you look hard enough. Here are some of my plans for 2020.

Personally, my watchword for this year is wellness. That includes physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness. No crash diets or boot camps on my calendar—chocolate is always allowed, and I am a firm believer in “Everything in moderation.” I will focus my energy on health, positive relationships, and exploration of activities that enhance my well-being. That means I will practice yoga and take walks, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, and take care of myself and my relationships with others. I promise I will schedule my activities to reflect my priorities, cut back on things that are not fulfilling, and give myself time to refill the well and find joy.

Professionally this year, I hope to finish my work-in-progress and query agents. My first goal is to land the perfect agent and get this book out into the world. But even if that doesn’t happen, I trust that the universe will use the process to head me in the right direction. My second goal is to start writing the next book, which will be fun. I enjoy the rush of ideas and inspiration that a new draft provides. And my last goal is to continue to give back to my readers and the writing community.

I have a few events already scheduled for the year: 

Teen Writing Society at the Anchorage Public Library (usually meets twice a month)

SCBWI-Alaska Big Thaw Retreat May 1-3, Talkeetna, AK

HHRW “The Perfect Setting” July 6-31, Online Workshop

AWG/AKRWA Conference for Writers and Illustrators Sept. 25-26, Anchorage AK

YRW “The Perfect Setting” Nov. 2-27, Online Workshop

My best wishes to you this year! What are your goals or plans for 2020?

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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