Alaska Book Week: Boone Brux, Maxine Mansfield, Kris Farman 10/10/2012

To continue with Alaska Book Week, I am featuring three Alaskan authors who do a great job of world-creating.

Boone Brux writes historical paranormal romance. Her newest release is Shield of Fire. Romantic Times calls it, “A fascinating story of a battle between good and evil set  on an alternate earth, with medieval trappings. The powerful characters, and the  discoveries the heroine makes about herself, make for a spellbinding romantic adventure.” See Boone’s website at

Maxine Mansfield writes fantasy erotic romances. Her latest is Touched by the Magic. Terri from Night Owl Reviews explains its unusual combination of elements: “At first I tried to figure out if this was an erotic fantasy or an erotic romance but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s both. Not only that, it’s done well as both.Totally and completely recommend this book to anyone who loves flights of fancy, lots of sex and a real love story. You won’t want to put it down!” Maxine’s website can be found at

For something different from the romances above, try Kris Farmen. His new release is Turn Again, a historical novel set in Alaska. Don Rearden states, “A powerful epic wit unforgettable characters, rich Alaskan history and culture, and an authentic glimpse at a time when humantity was forsaken in the name of progress.”  You can check out Kris’ website at

Next: one more round of Alaskan authors!

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