Alaska Book Week: Previous Releases 10/5/2012

It’s Alaska Book Week, and I’m going to highlight Alaskan authors all week. First up: some of my favorite authors who have had new releases last year or early this year. The first two have extensive knowledge of Alaska Native cultures and bring them to life for us:

Debby Dahl Edwardson writes young adult books set in Alaska. Her novel My Name is Not Easy was a finalist for the National Book Award. Ellen Levine calls it “…an extraordinary tale of love, betrayal, and above all, survival.” See more on Debby’s website,

Don Rearden writes fiction and screenplays, and his recent novel The Raven’s Gift drew great praise. Jodi Picoult stated,  “The Raven’s Gift has a winning plot, characters we’ve never met before, and intriguing details of a world most of us will never venture to –creating a read that opens our eyes and finds the fault lines of a heart in one breathless sitting.” See Don’s website at

Also, I talked about Andromeda Romano-Lax’s recent novel in my 5/25 post: “I read Andromeda Romano-Lax’s The Detour on the trip…. I enjoyed the lyrical prose and her keen understanding of human nature. I highly recommend it (”

And I recommended Jennifer Bernard’s first novel in my 6/1 post: “You may recall my mentioning The Fireman Who Loved Me earlier this year. It’s a great book…. Read more on her website at!”

You can go to the Alaska Book Week website to see how others are celebrating this week:

Next time: some new releases from Alaskan authors!

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