Alaska’s Digital Archives

Sometimes, people ask how I find historical details for my books. While I can learn much from books, interviews, and websites, photographs show a lot of information I can’t get from words. Researchers and history buffs have a great online resource: Alaska’s Digital Archives ( I use it all the time to find information for my historical fiction. Plus, it’s fun to look at all the photos!

This is a collaboration of several digital collections from museums and libraries all over Alaska. You can look for information by subject matter, such as Alaska Native History & Cultures, or search a particular collection or subject. I’ve found photos on topics from the Treadwell gold mine near Juneau in the 1890s to Anchorage’s tent city in 1915 to the building of the Alcan Highway in 1942. (Please note, if you want to publish or share photos, please see the copyright and attribution requirements for each site. Most request permission before use.)

Try Alaska’s Digital Archives and see what you can find! There’s a wealth of information and entertainment there. Check it out at

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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