Billings Glacier by Lynn Lovegreen

August in Alaska

It’s almost August already, so I’ve been eyeing the calendar, deciding what I can still check off my to-do list. Summer in Alaska is beautiful, but short. August weather is unpredictable in Southcentral Alaska; it may be warm, or it may be cold and rainy the whole time. So I better know what I want to do if I want to take advantage of a sunny day.


My garden needs weeding, badly. I’ve been to Whittier a few times, but want to go there again. There are a couple hikes I want to take at Bodenberg Butte and Arctic Valley. I haven’t been to Seward in a while—it would be fun to get that in, too. And berry picking time will be here before I know it. Will I get it all in this year? Maybe, if the weather and my hubby’s schedule permits.


And of course I should be writing, too. So far, I’m only about thirty pages into my new draft. It really needs some time if I’m going to make progress before a September conference I want to attend. Sigh. Even as a full-time writer who can set her own schedule, it can be hard to balance work and play. Especially when I see less daylight every day. I better take advantage of summer while I still can.

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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