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    Reprise: #FellowshipofWords — Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference

    Note: I’m headed to the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference again this week. I always joke that the challenge is to ignore the view and focus on the speakers. Here’s a post from 2017, explaining why this conference community is so important to me. As you may know, I declared this the #FellowshipofWords year, and I’m exploring how words and books can bring us together. (See my first blog post on this topic at http://tinyurl.com/jtjpamr.) I recently attended the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference (http://sites.kpc.alaska.edu/writersconf/) in Homer, AK. I always enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration from this conference, and this year was no exception.…

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    #Connections — Building Communities

    As you may know, my blog theme this year is #Connections, and I’ve been posting about how people make connections. (See the first post at https://lynnlovegreen.com/2019-theme-connections/.) This week, I have been reading about creating communities to form connections with people.…

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    Writing is Like Baseball

    Baseball is America’s pastime for several reasons, but the reason I’m so attracted to it is the combination of individual performance and teamwork. Writing is like baseball in that way.   Yes, writing is a solitary pursuit in that we spend…