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    The Joy of Writing Conferences

    Writers and Illustrators Conference 2018

    I love writing conferences. I learn new things, and meet experts in the field. I have opportunities to see writing in a different way.  And most importantly, I get to hang out with my fellow writers. My family and friends are great. Many of them are my best cheerleaders, and they encourage me in my writing. But most of them don’t have characters and stories running around in their heads. It’s nice to be with people who do. Writers (and other creatives) understand the process, share the passion of finding just the right words or image. They know what it’s…

  • Grumman Goose

    The Grumman Goose in Alaska

    While Canada geese fly in V-formation, getting ready to fly south from Alaska, it seems a good time tor review the history of a human-made one, the Grumman Goose. The Grumman Goose is an amphibious plane, originally designed in 1937…

  • thinking by Stencil

    #Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking and Reading

    I read a great article on Lit Hub by Maryanne Wolf that discusses how reading affects the brain. The whole article is fascinating, and I encourage you to read it at  https://lithub.com/what-does-immersing-yourself-in-a-book-do-to-your-brain/. But for our purpose today, I’ll summarize some of what…

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    Back to School Tips for Teens

    It’s that time of year—back to school. Some of you are psyched for it, looking forward to seeing your friends or taking that certain class. Others not so much. These back to school tips are for all of you. Remember…

  • author Katey Schultz

    Author Katey Schultz: Connecting as Writers

    Longtime readers of this blog may recall my interview of Katey Schultz in August, 2017. She sent an inspirational postcard to me, and we chatted about her postcard campaign and building a community of writers. Here’s her current bio: Katey Schultz’s story collection, Flashes of…

  • Neuschwanstein

    Romantic Germany

    I recently returned from Germany. While there are many interesting aspects of the country, I was struck by how romantic it was.  First, there was the Café Romantic across the street from a bookstore in Heidelberg–what a great combination! We…