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    Travel: Western States

    I’ve been traveling with my husband for the past few weeks. Although we’ve seen lots of cool places, I’ve enjoyed the West the most so far. Here are a few snapshots to show the variety and beauty to see from…

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    Everyday Things are Special

    As an Alaskan, I’m used to visitors oohing and aahing over our mountains, moose, and the other things that stand out about my home. Now I’m traveling Outside, and it’s my turn to be the visitor noticing all the things…

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    Autumn in Denali

    While I’m traveling, it’s a good time to re-post an oldie but goodie. This was originally on my blog in 2017.   My husband and I had the opportunity to go to Denali National Park and Preserve during Labor Day…

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    #Connections: My Writing Community

    I’ve been exploring different kinds of #connections in my blog theme this year. (See my introductory post at https://lynnlovegreen.com/2019-theme-connections/ .) I’ve been thinking lately about how lucky I am to be in the writing community. I’ve made connections with generous…

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    Fall is on its way!

    Maybe it’s the dry weather we’ve been having, or the crisp evening air, but fall colors are starting to appear in Southcentral Alaska. Here are some photos for you! What about your home–are you getting any fall colors yet?