Blue Skies, Warm Days At Last!

It is finally summer here in Southcentral Alaska, the last week of May 2013. Usually we start feeling the sun’s warmth in mid-May, but we got a chilly spring, and then it snowed the weekend of May 18th and that slowed everything down. It feels like we jumped directly from winter to summer this year. But that’s okay, I’ll take it!


We’ve had about a week of sunny weather, and it’s gone up to the high 70s (F) during the day. That’s a lot of sun when you get 18 hours of daylight each day. My husband has been outside doing summer chores and projects he’s wanted to do, jumping around from one thing to the next. I’ve been alternating between inside and outside; I still have writing to do, and between my allergies and my healing shoulder I’m only good for an hour of outdoor work at a time. But I have managed to get all the fallen birch branches out of the front yard, and we’ve been eating dinners out on the deck.


Summer brings better days to go out, and time to go fishing, camping, or traveling the state. To the north, there’s Denali, to the south there’s the Kenai, and we keep saying we want to drive the Denali Highway again. Maybe this will be the year for that trip. We plan to rent an RV to see what that’s like, because I’m getting too old to sleep on the ground. But I’m not too old to go hiking. Even if it rains, it’s beautiful to see the clouds hang on the mountains.


It’s almost time for the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference. (I’ve got a blog about the conference and the North Words Symposium today on the Alaska Romance Writers blog at  For me, the Conference involves an awesome drive to Homer that I enjoy every year. Gorgeous views on Turnagain Arm, winding highway down the Kenai Peninsula between lovely mountains and lakes, then the jaw-dropping Kachemak Bay vista at the end–hard to beat that trip.


But first I need to plant my veggies in the cold frame, and work on that manuscript revision. Hope you’re having a good summer wherever you are!

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