After the bomb blasts in Boston, I can’t write the usual blog. I’m still wrapping my mind around what happened. Not that it will ever “make sense” in the conventional way. Some things just don’t.


I have fond memories of Boston. I attended Irish dance and culture workshops at Boston College, when my daughter was dancing. Then I got to chaperone high school debate teams at the Harvard National Forensics Tournament for two years. Those trips were the highlight of my teaching career. And we stayed at a hotel overlooking Copley Square. You probably recognize the name.


Sometimes words aren’t enough. The closest I can come is MacDuff’s lines from Macbeth,

O horror, horror, horror!

Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!


My heart goes out to all touched by the events in Boston.


We’ve seen the good side of people in this event also. It’s great to see the #runforboston tributes. Thanks to all the first responders and volunteers who jumped in to help. I’d like to think we’d all follow their example if we are caught in similar circumstances, and hope we never have to.

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