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Bringing the Past to Life: Young Romance, Historical Times

Are you a writer? Want to write young adult or new adult historical romance? Have we got the class for you! The Outreach International chapter of Romance Writers of America (OIRWA) is sponsoring an online class, and I am leading it. It’s called “Bringing the Past to Life: Young Romance, Historical Times.” Here’s the blurb:

Can you just throw Bella or Katniss into the nineteenth century to create a historical romance? This four-week workshop will provide the skills an author needs to write a historical romance with young characters. In this course, we will practice writing romance grounded in historical fact. We will consider setting, character, and plot points, and ensure the language is appropriate for the story. Part of our discussion will include how young women had more limitations in the past, sexuality has changed over the years, and that adolescence was seen differently way back when. We will also discuss researching and weaving in historical information. While Lynn will provide lectures and short homework assignments, participants will be encouraged to add to the conversation with their own ideas and knowledge.

I’ll post lectures and writing activities three days a week April 8-30, and since it’s online, you can access the class whenever it fits in your schedule. What could be easier?!

Hope to see you there! Learn more and sign up now by clicking on the link below:

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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