Busy-ness is Overrated 9/14/2012

We’re already halfway into the month of September. In my yard, the currant and wild rose leaves are turning crimson. Most years, I’d find myself in the midst of  back-to-school events, or in the university’s fall semester about now. But now that I’m retired, I don’t have to concern myself with those kinds of things. I’m arleady doing what I want to do: writing full-time.


It has been easier for me than many expected. Several people thought I’d miss my job or go stir-crazy staying home most days. Although I sometimes think of people from work or wonder how my former students are doing, I don’t pine for them or feel a need to go back. I was ready to retire. Going to yoga class and the occasional errand or time with family and friends seems to be enough activity. I like living in the slow lane.


Instead of rushing around trying to work full-time, run a household, squeeze in time with family and friends, and find a little time to myself now and then, I can focus on a few things. I write for 4 hours and read about 1 hour a day. I go to yoga class about twice a week and walk most of the other days. I see my family, my writing friends, a few others I’m close to. And I have free time to volunteer, go to events in the community, or do nothing if I choose. It’s great! There are times when I miss the money from a steady paycheck, but the ability to do what I want is well worth it.


Those of you who are thinking of getting off the treadmill and trying something else, go for it. I find the more I say no and slow down, the happier I become. Busy-ness is overrated.

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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