By the Numbers: My Writing Life in 2014

By the Numbers: My Writing Life in 2014

10: the minimum number of people I’ve met and become friends with through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest this year—probably more than that but it’s hard to count everybody all over the internet. Shoutouts to all of you!


9 library groups/pages I like on Facebook now. So many great librarians out there, and please support your local library.


8 days a week: what it feels like sometimes to write full-time. I spend several hours writing each week, but there’s also time spent writing emails, blogs, arranging promo opportunities, keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, going to critique meetings—you get the point. There are days it does feel like work, but it’s still the best job I can imagine having right now.


7 days in writing conferences this summer—fun but educational too.


6 Interviews of me featured on other blogs this year—thanks for hosting me!


5 Gold Rush-era clothing items I received from friends this year. Thank you, Sondra and Cindy!


4 editors I worked with at Prism Book Group in 2014—I appreciate your helping me create the best books I could at this point in my journey.


3 books released this year: Worth Her Weight in Gold, Quicksilver to Gold, and Golden Days. Wow, no wonder I was busy! (But I couldn’t have done it without the 4 above, thanks!)


2 interviews by I. B. Nosey, the “official unofficial reporter.” I love your wacky blog, gracias!


1 event that summed it up for me: the “Fools Gold with Lynn Lovegreen” event at UAA Bookstore. We listened to old-time music with Garren Volper and Anna Lynch, talked about Fools Gold, Alaska history, reading and writing, and so many of the people I love were there to be a part of it.


Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. May 2015 be everything you hope for!

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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