Santa in Pahoa, Hawaii

Christmas Spirit Everywhere!

My husband and I spent several weeks in Hawaii this month. I was looking forward to seeing dear friends and feeling the sun on my face, but I was a little doubtful about finding the Christmas spirit in the tropics. I was wrong.


The Aloha spirit is alive all year long in Hawaii, but it translates to the holidays very well, too. We watched Pahoa’s holiday parade that could have been in any small town, with lots of kids’ groups, a community band, and such. The Hawaiian touch was there, too, in the ukuleles, hula groups, and Santa wearing a red and white garland lei around his neck.


Afterwards, we went to the local school for food, crafts, and kids’ dance and ukulele classes performing for an admiring audience. While I was sitting there enjoying the cute little ones, with my husband and friends near me, I felt the holiday spirit. It may look different than what I’m used to in Alaska, but sharing time with loved ones is the same no matter where you live.


Wishing you a joyful season with people you love,


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