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As you may know, my blog theme this year is #Connections, and I’ve been posting about how people make connections. (See the first post at This week, I have been reading about creating communities to form connections with people. We can build communities in our own circles with family, friends, neighbors, or common interests like faith, hobbies, or causes.

I’ve been looking at posts by various sources, from Huff Post to Live Happy Magazine, on this topic. Here are some tips that might be helpful to those of us working to create communities or strengthen the ones we belong to:

Be available; say hello when you see a neighbor on your street, or spend time in your front yard where you can interact with people who walk by.

Think outside the box; find creative and fun things for people to do as they get to know each other.

Be authentic and show (through your expression or actions) that you are happy to see someone and care about them.

Listen to each person and give everyone a voice.

Take action against anyone who does not make your group safe.

Give people credit when they do cool things or contribute to the group.

Make connections within your group by introducing people who have similar interests or could help each other in some way.

Any ideas on this topic? What have you done, or what works with the groups you know?

Here are the sources I used, in case you want to read their entire posts:

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