#Connections: Libraries Helping Connect Teens to Civics

The most recent issue of American Libraries magazine is full of examples of how libraries are helping people become empowered and connect with their communities. One of the coolest is in “Countdown to the Vote: Libraries ramp up engagement and outreach efforts for 2020” ( by Emily Udell (@nightreporter on Twitter). 

ALA (the American Library Association) has partnered with Rock the Vote for Democracy Class. This is a free, nonpartisan curriculum about the history and importance of voting. In addition, “participants can also register or preregister to vote. The curriculum includes a webinar for instructors and librarians implementing the program, “Voting and Voices: Engaging Students and Families in Democracy,” that covers state-specific guides for registration drives, strategies to reduce political polarization in the classroom, and tips for encouraging civil discourse.”  What a great way to get teens connected to their community, through civics education!

You can find the Democracy Class on the Rock the Vote website ( From there, you can sign up for the class, or become a partner. Educators can access lesson plans featuring:

  • The history and importance of voting
  • Modern-day voting rights
  • The importance of local elections
  • How voting can impact issues in communities
  • The 2020 Census

I hope many teachers and teens participate in this program. And thanks to ALA, Rock the Vote, and the many partners who are making this available to everyone! That’s a great way to make #Connections that matter.

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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