Do you know the way to Skagway?

I’m planning my trip to Skagway for the North Words Writers Symposium ( I’m looking forward to going, but getting there is not that simple.


As you may recall, Skagway is the setting for my novel Fools Gold. I’ve been there a couple times, and it is a great little town in a beautiful setting, with lots of history. It’s a perfect place for a writing symposium, but first I have to get there.


There is no road to Skagway. You can’t fly directly from Anchorage to Skagway. You can drive to Haines, then take the ferry (on the Alaska Marine Highway system) to Skagway, but I don’t have the 3 (or more) days to do that. So I plan to take a plane to Juneau, then the ferry to Skagway (with a stop at Haines). But the schedules don’t match up very well. I’ll have to spend the night in Juneau on the way there, and maybe on the way back too. It’ll be fun, because Juneau is a cool town too, but not the most efficient or inexpensive trip I’ve taken.


So I’m taking this as an adventure, not a drawback. The trip to Skagway and back will be an interesting way to see more of Southeast Alaska. And I’m really looking forward to the ferry ride–a leisurely glide along the scenic Inside Passage is always a treat!


Back to the reservations pages for me, time to find just the right combination of Alaskan transportation!

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