Encore: Bubble Bath Playlist

Encore Presentation due to my busy schedule, originally posted on 5/8/12–I promise a new post soon!

My stress management and reflection time often happens in the bathtub. I find bubble baths are a perfect way to relax, reflect, and let my right brain solve problems for my left brain. If I’ve had a bad day or I’m stuck on a character or scene, I soak in the bubbles, listen to music, and let my mind drift.


Since the point is to let my mind wander, I play CDs that my mind already knows. I don’t want to spend all my energy trying to hear what that song lyric is, so I put on oldies but goodies. The oldest CD is a BeeGees live album called One Night Only. My favorite songs there are the 60s ballads, and yes I do sing along to “Words” sometimes. The other two are a little more up to date, Linda Ronstadt’s Feels Like Home and Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway.  Depending on my mood, I might want to hear Linda’s sweet melodies or Bon Jovi’s party songs, or the BeeGees nostalgia. After my mind  ambles through the music for a while, I will suddenly have that idea or solution. And I’m ready to jump out of the tub and get back to the computer.


What do you use for inspiration or when you need a break?

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