Reflection Lake by Lynn Lovegreen

End of Summer

There was a distinct chill in the air when I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday. While there were still giant zucchini and sweet carrots to buy, I was glad I’d brought a hoodie to slip on over my t-shirt.

As I ate my Wild Scoops ice cream and watched people buy their veggies, I recalled when Labor Day weekend was the last big hurrah of summer. Now that things are warmer here, we have a few more weeks before the farmers and the road construction crews have to end their season. But it will come.

I love summer—how we can play in the sun all day and most of the night, enjoy the long days of hiking or gardening or just doing nothing sitting on the front yard swing. I am glad we have a season when we can wear short sleeves (as long as we bring along the bug dope).

But there’s something special about fall, too. I love the autumn colors we get here, the crimson of the currant bushes and the yellow-brown of the birch trees. (I know they don’t compare with the grand colors Outside, but it’s still pretty.) The brisk air and blue sky add a little sharpness to the scene.

fall colors 1 by Lynn Lovegreen






fall colors 2 by Lynn Lovegreen








As a former student and teacher, fall also reminds me of the new school year, a time of hope and promise. I always had great plans for the school year, with all the things I would accomplish and all the dreams I had for my students. Fall was exciting, because of that. Now, it’s somebody else’s turn, but a shadow of that feeling still follows me around when I see autumn leaves.

Here’s wishing you a great end of summer, whatever that means for your part of the world.

fall birch trees by Lynn Lovegreen

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