Feeling Like a Real Writer 6/13/2012

I took a  break from writing for much of last week because of my cowboy action shooting. (See my last entry for more on shooting–we had fun!) But this week I got back to writing in earnest. I’ve been researching Kantishna and writing notes about my main characters, and started writing the actual manuscript. This week, I finished the first draft of my first chapter. It feels like I know Charlotte and Henry now, and have an idea of where they’re going, yay! My current ideas may not be where they actually end up, but at least I have a destination in mind and can start toward it. And the best part–when I shared it with my children’s/YA writing group, they laughed at the funny parts!


One day, I wrote all morning, took a break for lunch and exercise, and wrote a few hours in the afternoon. I knew I accomplished a lot, but was feeling fuzzy-headed. I saw myself in the mirror that day: baggy sweats, wrinkled shirt, woman with vague expression on her face home alone in the middle of a weekday. And I thought, now I look like a real writer! I felt like Kathleen Turner’s character Joan Wilder at the beginning of Romancing the Stone. Let’s hope that is a good omen.    🙂

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