Firemen, the Writing Life 6/1/2012

You may recall my mentioning The Fireman Who Loved Me earlier this year. It’s a great book, written by my friend and fellow AKRWA member Jennifer Bernard. Avon just released the second in the series, Hot For Fireman. Read more on her website at!

I’ve had several days of full-time writing now. The writing life is absolutely all it’s cracked up to be. I love waking up in the morning thinking, “What do I want to do today?” instead of “Got to go to work again.” It’s great to make my own decisions and set my own schedule. And so far, I’ve finished another run-through on my manuscript for Fools Gold (set in Skagway in 1898), researched and decided which agents I will send it to next, and done some research on my next book, set in Kantishna near today’s Denali Park. It would have taken weeks, maybe months, to do that much when I was working my day job and writing in spurts when I found the time.

My writing schedule has evolved into the following:

8:30-10:30: draft writing or research

10:30-1:00: exercise and lunch break

1:00-3:00: business writing (queries, blog, etc.)

3:00-4:00: reading

To avoid carpal tunnel and other repetitive injuries, I usually set a timer and stop each 30 minutes to stretch or shift position. And I have learned already that life happens, so I do flex-time if I have a dentist appointment or other interruption. So far, it works great! I feel productive, take care of my body, and stop while I’m still raring to go instead of feeling exhausted after a writing spurt. I’m hoping the moderation will allow me to write indefinitely without getting burned out, and I’ve been able to tick things off my list and feel inspired every day. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity.

Next on the horizon: I will send out those queries and attend the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference in Homer, AK! (

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