First Week of Spring

The first day of spring was Tuesday–most Alaskans’ reaction was “Yeah, right.” It doesn’t look much like spring here. We still have lots of snow, almost at our record (3.2 inches away from the 132.6 inches of 1954-55). Driving is tricky: snow berms taller than I am make it hard to peek out before pulling out onto streets. The chilly breeze encourages me to put my hood up when I walk during my lunch hour.


But if I look closely, I see temperatures have risen from the teens to the twenties. We’re starting to see bare pavement on our side streets. Ravens are flying in pairs against blue sky, and our backyard squirrel is building a nest in the shelter of our BBQ. (No grilled salmon at our house for a while!) We have twelve and a half hours of daylight now. So maybe spring is on its way after all.


What does spring look like where you are? Is it there yet?




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  • Tam Linsey

    You’re good to let the squirrel have a nest. I think I’d chase it out now, before the babies come along! 🙂 I’m still waiting for the snow to clear enough to put my new greenhouse cover on. I fear it may be awhile. Drive carefully, and keep the windshield fluid handy!

  • DeNise

    spring-really?? How can we look out on that lovely bright sunshine into that beautiful blue sky and find 6 degrees on the thermomater.
    Yours in cold commiseration–

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