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Fur Rondy 2019

I’ve got the latest version of the cold that’s going around, so I take the liberty of re-vamping last year’s post about Fur Rondy.

Have a happy Rondy! 

Fur Rondy (Fur Rendevous) is the winner festival in Anchorage, Alaska. As I’ve said before, (, it started to celebrate the time of year when trappers would come into town to sell their furs. Now, in its 84th year, it’s mostly an excuse to shake off cabin fever and have a good time.

Activities are held all over Anchorage the last couple weeks of February, from fireworks to pancake breakfast, from miners and trappers ball to melodrama, from snow sculpture to ice bowling. Indigenous heritages are represented by the Charlotte Jensen Native Arts Market and the Ida’Ina Cultural Gathering.  Some of the more wacky events include snowshoe softball, the outhouse race and the running of the reindeer. 

For some of us, the highlight of Rondy is the Open World Championship Sled Dog Race. It is a sprint race, compared to the Iditarod, run in short races over three days. I grew up watching the rivalry between Doc Lombard and George Attla. Now a new generation is competing for the title, and recent winner Roxy Wright has a big following. We’ll see what happens this year!

For more information about Fur Rondy, see their website at

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