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Garden Daydreams

The long days of light are back–almost 16 hours today! This is the time when gardeners like to daydream. It’s too early to plant anything, but we can start seeds and make plans for the glorious days of summer.

I imagine my vegetable garden full of goodies to eat. I plan to try zucchini, and experiment with more herbs and a few garlic bulbs. I’ve started some seeds for broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and tomatoes. (The last two will end up in our mini-greenhouse.) And I’ll augment by buying some starter plants for lettuces and maybe a few impulse purchases at the nursery.

I am also thinking about flowers and the rest of the yard. I have dianthus and potentilla seeds started, will buy some colorful annuals to plant by the mailbox, and hope to do some work to make part of the backyard more natural by filling in with some native trees and plants.

Will all of this happen as planned? Probably not. But hey, I’ll still have fun playing in the dirt this summer. And these daydreams will get me by until then.

Hope you have fun planning your summer, whether you’re a gardener or not! 🙂


seed starter

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  • Cinthia Ritchie

    Oh, I can relate to this! We have such gardening plans each year. Sadly, our garden rarely lives up to our expectations. Last year we planted to late. The year before, though, we had quite the bounty. It’s cool that you have a mini-greenhouse. Hope you’re soon eating tomatoes and lots of other yummy veggies.

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