Gardening in Alaska

I have a new vegetable garden this year. It’s bigger than I need, so I am only using part of it as a test case this year to see what grows and what doesn’t like the new spot. So far, the lettuce, broccoli, and collards seem to quite happy. 

garden 1







garden 2








Cole crops often do well in Alaska due to the cool temperatures, but many vegetables and flowers like the long summer days. My herbs and rhubarb look happy, too! Next year, I will branch out of my comfort zone and plant more varieties.

garden 3






garden 4








While some other gardeners have to deal with deer, here we hope the moose don’t eat everything. Knock on wood, the tall enclosure seems to be working so far. Or maybe we just haven’t had any moose come through lately–time will tell.

I have donated one batch of veggies, and plan to take more down to the local soup kitchen soon. I encourage all you gardeners out there to do the same. Check out Plant a Row for the Hungry for more ideas at


I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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