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Happy Shakespeare’s Birthday!

As you may know, April 23rd is William Shakespeare’s birthday! 

(It’s also his death day, but I’d rather celebrate his coming into the world.)

I consider Will Shakespeare a personal hero and favorite writer. Not only did he coin lots of words and phrases, have beautiful word choice, and write great stories, he also had a great understanding of human nature. That’s why his characters and plays resonate with us today. Want to study how power corrupts people? He wrote a few plays about that. How women can operate in a mans’ world? He did that, too. How to win over the one you love—or how not to? He’s got you covered.

I also have some personal connections to Will Shakespeare. My mother was an English major and major Shakespeare fan, and I grew up hearing stories and devouring plays and books, etc. with her. My husband and I met at a production of Much Ado About Nothing—he was an actor and I was working backstage. So you could say Will is a big part of my life.

Here are a few links to Shakespeare-related websites for your enjoyment. Some of them are on social media, too—the sites will give you that information as well.

Folger Shakespeare Library:

Royal Shakespeare Company:

Shakespeare’s Globe:

And just for fun, the Reduced Shakespeare Company:

Happy birthday, Will! 😉

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