How I Found the Write Path

How I Found the Write Path


(This is an advice letter to myself when I first started writing toward publication. I wrote this as part of a book project hosted by Carrie Butler. For more on this topic, see Carrie Butler’s blog at


Dear Newbie Writer Lynn,


Good for you for deciding to get serious about your writing! It will bring you many years of satisfaction and enjoyment. Here’s some advice to help you on your way to publication:


1.  Don’t worry about whether you’re a “real writer”or not. You became one the day you committed to writing a novel. Try not to blush every time you talk about your writing or feel bashful about telling people what you do. And when you do, have faith that you’ll stop blushing one day.


2.  Take advantage of writing groups and other opportunities to learn more about the craft and business of writing. Not only will you learn things that will help you in the future, you’ll make friendships you will cherish for many years.


3.  Take your writing seriously, and make sure people around you do, too. Schedule time for writing just like you schedule time for appointments and other commitments. Tell others about your writing schedule so they can respect it. Your husband will learn not to interrupt you when the study door is shut; just remind him of the routine and give him a little time to get used to it. 😉


4.  It’s a great idea to subscribe to Querytracker and learn about the business side of things. But don’t be too eager to send off those queries right away. It will take years to get your writing ready for primetime. Focus on your craft first.


5.   Enjoy the journey! Celebrate the milestones as you go down the path, from your first “The End,” to the first query (and first of many rejections), all the way to the first book in your hand, and more. Each step will bring you closer to your goals. It will take a few bucks to spring for the extra chocolate and restaurant bills, but it’ll be worth it. Do something special for yourself on each big day. You earned it!


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