Introducing I. B. Nosey

And now for something completely different!


Sorry, no Monty Python reunion here. But today’s post is different than my usual ones. I’m introducing you to one of the most entertaining blog hosts around: I. B. Nosey.


I. B. Nosey is the creation of the talented author and blogger Miss Mae. You may have heard of her romantic mysteries, children’s book, and website She is also known for I. B. Nosey and his “Feeling Nosey?” website. I. B.Nosey is an “official unofficial reporter” who interviews authors. He wears tacky blazers and always seems to get into trouble on his assignments. Think Inspector Clouseau with Rocky and Bullwinkle-style humor, and you’ll have the right tone for his posts. They are way more fun than most author interviews, and I am pleased to say that I am his newest victim, er, subject.


Read more and see my interview with I. B. Nosey at


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