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It’s Spring in Alaska!

It’s late April, and already spring in southcentral Alaska! Some of us are shaking our heads at the early spring, but most of us are simply enjoying the season.

spring, Lynn Lovegreen
photos by Lynn Lovegreen

Usually, spring comes in May, but we’ve had warm temperatures (in the 40s and 50s F) for weeks. That, combined with the increasing sunshine, has brought out the buds and leaves. Things are greening up!


A few years ago, my neighbor was shoveling snow off his lawn about now. This year, folks are working on their yards and gardens. Kids, and adults, are riding their bikes. People are going for hikes or evening walks, and planning summer fishing and camping. But in the meantime, we’ll enjoy the spring.

spring photo


Hope you’re having a nice season wherever you are!spring pic

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