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Let’s Be Good Neighbors

Whether you say, “Follow the golden rule,” or “Love thy neighbor,” or Mr. Rogers’ “Won’t you be my neighbor?” it’s really the same thing in my view. With all the stuff going on in 2020, it seems an especially good time to remember to be a good neighbor to those around you. I know I have days I could use one, too. Here are some small but friendly things you can do to be a good neighbor for someone who lives near you, is related to you, or otherwise needs a good neighbor or friend today.

Take a moment to stop and say hello instead of rushing past them.

Pay it forward when you buy a coffee or other small item.

Bake a batch of cookies and share it.

Send them a postcard or letter.

Offer to run an errand or go to the grocery store for them.

Shovel their driveway, or mow their lawn.

After you finish reading a magazine, pass it on to them.

Write a thank you note to them.

Offer to walk their dog.

Call them up or email them to say you’re thinking of them.

And it goes without saying, but I will: if you wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands often, that’s also being a good neighbor. Let’s show respect for others and keep each other safe from COVID-19.

Any suggestions or ideas of other things we can do for our neighbors, friends, and family? Please leave a comment!

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