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#Let’sThinkAbout Critical Thinking and Sources

As you may recall, my blog theme for this year is #Let’sThinkAbout. (See the first post at

When you’re cruising through your social media feed or looking at news sites, do you pay attention to the article source? If not, you should take the extra few seconds to do so. Checking the source will prevent you from sharing unreliable news and spreading false rumors, saving yourself and your friends a lot of trouble. 

I’ve already mentioned the Media Bias Chart (, Snopes (, and NOT REAL NEWS ( as good tools to check information. I still recommend them. Here’s a new one: NewsGuard. 

NewsGuard is a group of journalists using transparent criteria to look at news websites. Libraries are starting to use it on their public computers so patrons can check if sites are unbiased and accurate. You can install a plugin on your browser and see if a site is rated as green or red. NewGuard also provides “Nutrition Label” write-ups on news and information sites. Learn more here:

Whatever technique you use, it’s good to make sure that article or post is accurate. Use your critical thinking!

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