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#Let’sThinkAbout: Media Bias Chart

As you may recall, my blog theme for this year is #Let’sThinkAbout. (See the first post at

A friend recently shared this chart online, and I asked Vanessa Otero for permission to share it here. She spent time looking at all these sources and made her determinations based on the average quality of sources, bias, and interpretations of news. (Average in this case means most of the stories or articles would fall in that category. See her analysis for more definitions.) I highly recommend you read the whole explanation at but I’ll give you my suggestions below.

Media-Bias-Chart_Version 3.1_Standard_License-min

Look for the news sources you use most often. Avoid the ones in the orange and red rectangles! Do you need to read/view less biased or more factual sources to get the whole picture? Then look at the green and yellow rectangles to find more objective sources to add to your routine.

If we choose our news sources carefully, we’ll practice critical thinking and be closer to an accurate view of what’s really happening in our world. That’s worth thinking about…. 

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