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Literary Ireland

One more observation from my trip to Ireland before I go back to my regular programming on this blog: Ireland is full of literary attractions.

My favorite places in Dublin are in or near Trinity College. The Book of Kells is there, of course.  Seeing the ancient illustrated manuscript pages was a thrill in itself. But after that, we got to see the Long Room, which was the old library. It still has part of their collections including books hundreds of years old, and a set of statues of luminaries like Homer, Socrates and Williams Shakespeare. I could have spent hours in there just inhaling the vanilla scent of old books and looking at everything!

The Long Room 1

The Long Room 2










Oscar Wilde is one of the most famous Irish writers. There are references to him all over Dublin, including a great statue of him at Merrion Square, near his home. The statue is made of different colored stone, and two pillars of engraved quotes stand by him. And he’s only one of many Irish writers we saw references to around the country.  There’s a lot of literature to enjoy there.

Oscar Wilde 1

Oscar Wilde 2










I’d like to think we’ll find references to Alaskan writers here in a hundred years or so—we’ll see!



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