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Meet Charlotte and Henry

Meet Charlotte and Henry


I’d like you to meet two friends of mine, Charlotte and Henry. They happen to be fictional, but when you’re a reader and writer, that doesn’t matter very much. Some of my best friends live in books.


Charlotte lives in Kantishna, Alaska. It’s basically a Gold Rush ghost town, where there used to be lots of people but now her neighbors are a handful of gold miners. She works on a boat with her daddy, but she loves words. Here’s a snapshot from when she’s out on the river:

Charlotte looked up at the puffy clouds in the sky. What shade of blue would that sky be? Azure, cerulean, baby blue, cornflower blue? No, forget-me-not blue. Alder bushes and poplar trees lined the banks of the Bearpaw, and a trail led deep into the forest.

Henry is a wealthy Easterner who comes to Alaska to see the proposed Mt. McKinley National Park, and prove his manliness at the same time, one of those two-birds-with-one-stone deals. He is full of life, and a bit cocky too. Here’s how Charlotte sees him:

So far, Henry was presumptuous and chatty. But he had an inquiring mind, and it amused her to see him try to converse with Stinky.

They don’t seem to have much in common right away:

His hazel eyes dashed this way and that, taking in the scene. He was as pretty as a magpie, and just as annoying when he opened his mouth.

But they find they have a lot in common by the end of the book!


They are my main characters in Gold Nuggets, the last novel of my Gold Rush series, to be released on July 3rd. If you’d like to learn more, keep an eye on this website or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or Pinterest. Or you can subscribe to my  e-newsletter at


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I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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