My Favorite Book of 2013

I dithered for a bit about what to write for my last blog post of 2013. My goals and resolutions are not that interesting to others, Top Ten lists have been done to death, and I can talk about 2014 for the next year. So I decided to write about my favorite book of 2013.


I read a lot of books this year, some for research, some for fun, some under obligation because of who gave it to me. There are a lot of good books out there. But my definition of a great book is one that sticks with you, and the one I think of most often is Cinthia Ritchie’s Dolls Behaving Badly. Here’s the blurb from Amazon (


Carla Richards is a lot of things. She’s a waitress at Anchorage’s premier dining establishment, Mexico in an Igloo; an artist who secretly makes erotic dolls for extra income; a divorcée who can’t quite detach from her ex-husband; and a single mom trying to support her gifted eight-year-old son, her pregnant sister, and her babysitter-turned-resident-teenager.


She’s one overdue bill away from completely losing control-when inspiration strikes in the form of a TV personality. Now she’s scribbling away in a diary, flirting with an anthropologist, and making appointments with a credit counselor.


Still, getting her life and dreams back on track is difficult. Is perfection really within reach? Or will she wind up with something even better?


This is my short review on Goodreads: “Quirky, R-rated women’s fiction set in Alaska, but that doesn’t quite cover it. Funny, heartwarming, thoughtful and true.” Ritchie’s depiction of contemporary Alaska is spot-on, and I fell in love with Carla from the first page. She’s imperfect but loving, strives for the best even when life tries to wear her down. I like how she creates her own little family as she finds her own definition of success. And the recipes from Gramma are one of the highlights of the novel. I still think of Carla and the other characters, and I’m reminded of the book when I see certain parts of Anchorage. Dolls Behaving Badly is uplifting without being cliché, and beautifully written. I thank the author for giving it to us readers, and hope to see many more like it in the future. Here’s Cinthia Ritchie’s website:


May 2013 end with a nice close for you, and 2014 be your best year ever. Happy New Year!

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