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My Most Romantic Scene

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My Most Romantic Scene by Lynn Lovegreen

I have written five young adult historical romances. I have several favorites in my Gold Rush series, from my favorite first kiss to my favorite supporting character. But my favorite romantic scene is in my novel Gold Nuggets, because it shows true love.

When a critique partner read this scene, she said it showed that Henry really loved Charlotte because he was thinking of her needs, not his desires. I agree—one definition of true love is that it makes you the best person you can be for that person. You’re not just after the fulfillment of your own wishes. Henry is at his best here.

He knew now that he loved Charlotte. He wanted the best for her, and wanted to be the best person he could, for her. That felt like love. The hard part was deciding what role he could play in her life that would be better for her. Should he woo her and marry her? Would being his wife be right for her? Or was she better off pursuing her own life without him? Henry didn’t want her to feel tied down to him, but maybe marrying him would give her more choices to pursue her dreams without worry about finances.

Of course, this was assuming she’d want to marry him. She still wouldn’t look him in the eye. Was that her way of putting him off?

The train car hit a short gap in the rail and it jolted Charlotte awake. She looked around and met his eyes. She smiled.

This was as close to alone as they’d ever be, so he seized his chance. “Charlotte, I love you.”

Hope you find the perfect romance in your own life, however you define it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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