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My Writing Dream Come True

My Writing Dream Come True

I’ve been lucky enough to have many writing dreams come true. When I first started writing, my dream was to finish a book. Once I did that, thanks to NaNoWriMo (, then my dream was to write a good book, one people would want to read. After many years of writing, critiquing, and revising, I did write a decent novel, which became Fools Gold.

The next, and in some ways the hardest, step was to reach my dream of being published. After lots of learning and rejections, I entered a blurb contest at and found my publisher. Prism Book Group had great editors and helped me polish my novel and several others in my Gold Rush series. My words were released into the world! It was a thrill to see my books in print and have readers enjoy them.

But businesses change, and after a while my publisher was bought by another, and my books went out of print. I’m not crushed by this, any more than I was by all the rejections and setbacks before this. I have a new writing dream, to get my WWII series published. And I’m sure I can make that happen, with the same perseverance and dedication to my craft I’ve had all along.

I love writing, and I will keep at it. My biggest, overall writing dream is for my words to touch readers, to inspire them to keep going and reach their own dreams, whatever they may be. 

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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