New Release: Worth Her Weight in Gold

Fools Gold is the first book in my Gold Rush series. The next book is the prequel to Fools Gold, set in Juneau, Alaska in 1886. It’s a novella, a quick read. We get to learn more about Ada’s and Tom’s background in this one. (You may recall they own the hotel across the street from Ellie’s pie tent.) We see how they meet,  what brings them to Alaska, and what shapes their characters as young people.


Here’s a short excerpt:

Ada opened a trunk, and Stephen handed them a rifle and pistol and picked up a rifle for himself.

“Thanks, let’s go,” Jack said after he checked the chamber of the Winchester.

Tom looked at her a moment after pocketing the revolver. “Here we were headed to dinner, and –”

Ada shook her head. “No, this is important. Let’s go help China Joe.”

“You can’t come, you’re just a girl,” Jack sputtered.

“They’re our guns, aren’t they?” Ada took a pistol and started out the door. 

Jack shook his head. “This is a job for men. You should go back home where it’s safe.”

Ada didn’t slow in her stride up the street. “I know how to handle weapons, maybe better than you do.”

“But what if it gets ugly?”

“I’ll keep an eye on her, you just worry about the others,” Stephen said. 

Ada wanted to help as much as they did. China Joe was a nice man. He needed them right now. 

“Look, they’re her guns, so if she wants to come she can,” Tom pronounced.

“Oh, all right, but she better not get hurt,” Jack grumbled.

Ada’s stomach tightened at the thought, but there was little chance of that, and she wouldn’t back down now.


Worth Her Weight in Gold now published by Prism Book Group! Buy it for 99 cents on Amazon today! 🙂


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I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.

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