Not Really Resolutions 1/4/2013

Many people find New Year resolutions a losing proposition. I did, and I was looking for something that would be more meaningful to me than “Exercise more.” A few years ago, when O Magazine suggested writing priorities, I started doing that instead. Then last year, they had a great article about envisioning your life with adjectives, describing what you would like to feel/be, and I added that. These things guide me toward what I want to do this year in a more holistic way. I print off a copy and put it on the wall above my desk, to help me stay on track. I can look up and ask myself, am I living according to these?

Here’s my priority list for 2013:

1. Family

2. Writing

3. Friends

4. Other stuff


My Adjectives:




If this looks interesting to you, I encourage you to take a long walk or give yourself some quiet time at home, and come up with your own list. Let us know if you decided on some for yourself this year. Maybe we should check in with each other later and see how we like keeping priorities and adjectives in 2013. 🙂

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