On the Alcan Highway, Post #1

My husband and I are traveling the Alcan, or Alaska Highway, for a couple reasons. First, we are taking our vintage tour bus down to the Lower 48. Second, we are using the opportunity to do some research on the building of the Alcan.


About the bus: it is a 1976 MCI tour bus that my husband ran as Raven 1 of the Laughing Raven Touring Company for many years. We have retired the tour company, and are going to take the bus Outside. Phase one of the plan is to get it to his cousin’s property in Missouri and park it there for the winter Then we’ll start on the conversion to an RV next year. Here is a photo of the bus next to the world’s largest gold pan in Burwash Landing, Yukon!

bus & world's largest gold pan

About the research: I am drafting a book about the building of the Alcan in 1942. I have already done a lot of research through books and the internet etc. Now I can see the places in person and stop at museums, etc. Today we were in Whitehorse, the terminus of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad and where many steamboats made the trip down the Yukon River. There are still some buildings around from the Gold Rush, and they have restored the S. S. Klondike so you can see what there sternwheelers were like. Whitehorse was also where many supplies came in for the construction of the Alcan, but there’s not much left from that time period.


I found some good historical details at the MacBride Museum here.

Sm McGee's cabin, Whitehorse

McBride Museum WWIIMacBride Museum WWII

I love to share my passion for Alaska and its history in my writing for young adults and their grown ups.


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