On the Cusp 10/19/2012

We’re right on the cusp of fall turning to winter. It’s dark when I get up in the morning. Southcentral Alaska has had a few snow flurries that melted soon after they fell, but now the snow lingers in the shade. It was 20 degrees when I took my walk today.  Ravens are more common in town again; it’s like welcoming old friends home as I see them perched on street lights and tree branches.

I had a great time with Alaska Book Week. I enjoyed highlighting the best Alaskan authors, but I probably missed someone. We have a great pool of talent here. Is it the unusual setting, or something about our population that leads to us having so many writers and artists here? I’m not sure, but it is a nice feature of living in Alaska.

I’m still writing like mad, feeling on the cusp there too. The first draft of the Kantishna book is done. I’m letting it simmer on the back burner for a bit so I can look at it with fresh eyes for the revision stage. I’m currently revising a short story set in Juneau in 1886, kind of a prequel to my Gold Rush series. Business-wise, I sent out a bunch of queries recently, and I have two partial manuscript submissions with literary agents. No offers of representation yet, but I figure every rejection is one step closer to a request, and maybe one of the agents in this batch will be interested. Could be any day now, or any week, month, you get the idea. But I do feel I’m making progress.

Hope your fall/winter is going well. Anything you’re on the cusp of right now?

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