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    Ten Tips for Lifelong Romance

    Ten Tips for Lifelong Romance Most of us were raised on the idea of romance. From Pride and Prejudice to Love, American Style to Crazy Rich Asians, our books, shows, and movies have been selling us true love for centuries.…

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    A Different Drummer

    I was the nice, quiet kid who read a lot. I had friends and could be social when I was in the mood or circumstances called for it, but I was a bit weird. One of my favorite things to…

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    Earthquakes in Alaska

    This is a reprise of a 2018 post on this site. Tuesday’s 7.9 quake (on 1/23/18) got a lot of attention, so it’s a good time to talk about earthquakes in Alaska. Thanks to our position on the Pacific Rim,…

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    Happy Library Shelfie Day!

    Library Shelfie Day is on the fourth Wednesday in January every year, this year Jan. 22nd. According to National Day Calendar (https://nationaldaycalendar.com/library-shelfie-day-january-29/), “The New York Public Library founded Library Shelfie Day as a way to observe various national holidays by…

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    2020: A Promising Year!

    A new year always gives me new hope, that this year will be better than the last. It often is. One reason is because I am older and more able to handle what comes next. And another is because life…