Planning Is a Good Thing

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you know I’ve had several setbacks recently. Much of what I thought I’d be doing last month ended up going out the window while I dealt with stuff.  I had to drop a few things in the last couple weeks. Things are better now; my dad’s doing fine and my right arm is healing, albeit slowly. and now I’m starting to catch up. Without the original plan, I’d really be lost today. But since I had a plan, I can modify it and keep going.


Luckily, I had everything ready for a teen writing workshop I’m presenting next week, so all I had to do is send out the handout for that. I have a few projects to work on now: Golden Heart entries to judge, and a guest blog post and a grant application to finish. Thank goodness I already started on the latter two, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wrap them up in the next few weeks, knock on wood. All because I already did some prep work and planning ahead of time. For those who say, “I work better close to a deadline,” good for you. But if you start early, you won’t be so stressed when life throws you lemons and you need to make that lemonade right quick. Planning is a good thing.


What about you, are you a planner or a procrastinator? What works for you?

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